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Blogger is such a platform that if you understand it properly and use it properly, then you can earn millions of rupees. In this article, I will tell you such benefits of Blogger, which you have not heard till today and after reading this article, whatever you are, you will definitely create your website on blogger. 

    Blogger Free Of Cost

    If I tell you in simple words, yes, blogger is free of cost, but if we talk in detail, blogger is a simple platform, in this you only need a domain, From any domain provider, you can buy the domain which is easy and low cost, and you can register and connect with blogger for 1 year, Because if we talk about hosting, then Blogger's hosting is absolutely free and Google, it provides hosting to Blogger, as you know that Blogger is Google's own platform. So you can use blogger using only custom domain and blogger, and according to the website builder, it gets set up for you at a very low price. 

    Is Blogger Free and Safe

    Yes, Blogger is also secure and free, only you need to buy a domain, which you get at a very low price of 1 or $ 2 on an annual basis. Blogger is a very secure platform, there is no system for hacking etc. because the hosting provider of Blogger is Google and you know how much Google spends on security. If you want to do any writing etc on Blogger, then feel free to write articles etc because Blogger is a secure platform. 

    If you work on any other website builder such as WordPress, then you have to see the security of itself, whereas in Blogger you do not have to do this, the security of Blogger is dependent on Google and You can write articles on blogger fearlessly.

    Blogger provide Free SSL

    Exactly first of all you do not need to buy any SSL certificate because the Blogger itself provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Just whenever you create a blog website, then you will get this option under the custom domain, which is in the setting, then you can turn on your SSL certificate saver, you will automatically get on every Blogger.

    If we talk about other website builders like WordPress, then you have to buy the SSL certificate While what is in blogger is SSL certificate HTTPS which you already get In this, whatever visitor comes to your website, he gets the trust that this person is a geniune, the article present on his website is his own creation and the people who are there feel secure to visit your website.  

    How long does it take to get traffic on Blogger

    It depends on your topic, on which topic you have created a blogger website, but as far as my experience is concerned, within 2 months the traffic on your website starts coming. But there are some people who have traffic on their website within two-three weeks, it starts coming, it depends on your niche, on which niche you work. Just if you want traffic on the blogger site, then the article which is long, at least 800 or 1200 words, The picture of the post should be published so that people are forced to click on it. 

    Is it easy to be a Blogger

    Yes absolutely blogger is the easiest, if you create your website on blogger, then in maximum 3 to 4 hours your website is on it, it will have a professional look and you can write the article on it.There is no restriction in this, today you can write articles even in 1 week, you can also write on daily basis and it has a simple layout, it also has its own application, from that you can write articles in Google Play Store.  

    Should I use AdSense on my Blog

    Exactly, you can use Google Adsense on your blog website, if the traffic on your website is good, then obviously Google will give you Adsense approval. So first of all I would advise you to write articles on your website because even if Google gives you Adsense approval and there is no traffic on your website, then there is no use of that Adsense approval. Write good articles, select good topics, Publish an article that was not previously present on Google, After 2 months, when you feel that traffic has started coming to your website, then you can apply for Google Adsense and within 2 to 3 days your Adsense will be approved, so in the same way you can apply for Google Adsense. 

    Blogger better than WordPress

    If I say that this is absolutely blogger which is much better than wordpress if you want to create a content base website and you want articles to be delivered to the people then I think blogger is the best but if you are in professional way you should use wordpress.

    But if you know and understand HTML a little bit, then I think you do not need what you have, should you go to WordPress because I have seen such blogger so far that it is still on blogger. Some big professional bloggers are also seen that they first make their website on blogger and when traffic comes to their website, then whatever it is, they move from blogger to WordPress. 

    How do you become famous on Blogger

    If you want to be successful on Blogger, then first of all select your original topic, publish the interesting things, apart from this, all the articles which are hard work should be your own not copy paste from someone. Apart from this, you should try to publish as many articles as you can on your website, select whatever is the interesting topic so that more visitors come to your website and you get more and more earnings.  

    If I tell you by quoting Blogger, then Blogger is a great platform on which you can create your website, take approval invest the lowest cost and earn money Through the blog, you can share your thoughts and ideas with people, and your articles, which are easily ranked in blogger, you just have to take care of a few things.

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