Tips to Make Your Blogger Website Rank High on Google in 2023


You should create a blogger website, then the answer is that of course you should create your blog website, if you have such a skills and you want me to reach people, then I think you can create your website on blogger. But then it means that we are able to create a website, but our post which is not ranked, through this article today, I will tell you how you can rank your post in Google as blogger.  

    Choose The Right Topic For Your Blogger Site

    First of all, if you want to rank your blogger website, then it is important that you pick the right content, which is in Google, which is in the ranking, on which people search more You will find its topic in Google Trends, you check which people are searching on which topic, then after doing a little research on that topic, you can take an article on it. 

    When you write articles on such things that already people search more, then it is believe that Google can rank your article and it will bring a lot of traffic to your blogger website. 

    Provide your users with high quality information

    Along with writing articles on the blogger website, you should also take care of this thing that you should write high quality content, Write such content which should not be copied from anyone, which is your own content, you have written it yourself, you have written it according to the skills you have with you. 

    If you want to copy content from someone, do not copy in such a way that you have an idea of how they have written the article, So this will give you an idea and you will be able to write a good article, try to write the article in easy English language so that people can understand your language properly. 

    The Right Keywords To Rank Your Blogger Website

    Always try to use such keywords so that your blog website gets ranked. In Google, you will find such a keyword rank tool that will tell you which ranking keyword is it, then use such a keyword for your post, so that your post comes in the first page of Google and vandalizes your website.  

    Ahref You will also get this tool by paying a few dollars, you can buy its professional account and there are such tools on Google which help a lot in ranking your website, then by investing a little bit in them, In the same way you can rank your blogger site by using ranking keyword.

    Write more so that the Blog Website Ranks 

    If you write your post big, then it is beneficial that your post becomes viral in Google search engine, what some people do is that they write short article on their website and say that our website not rank So this is the reason with which your website is not ranked, then your website which is there will rank quickly and visits will stay on your website for a long time. 

    Blogger SEO Setting

    Unless you do Blogger's search engine optimization, even then your website may not be rank. What some people say is that while creating a website on Blogger, they add the custom domain After that what he does is that Bareilly starts writing posts on his website, then try to make your website such that you go to settings, add description, good title, meta description, also create, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions and such pages are also there, create a category on your blogger website, create a category, decorate the website of the post in a good way.

    Create Backlinks For Blogger Site

    Create backlinks of your website Because of creating backlinks, a lot of traffic will come to your website. What many people do is that they do not know much about how to rank the website, how to rank the post, then what would they say that they use backlinks and rank website because of backlinks.  

    Attractive Post Thumbnail For Blogger

    What some people do is that they download the picture from Google and add it to their blogger post, what happens that people do not get AdSense approval. I tell you an easy way, what do people say that they download pictures from Google, the website also does not get ranked, you have CanvaPickfree, Pixabay, and there are similar websites from which you can download pictures and add them to the website post.  

    By editing your own picture, you can put it in the post, select an attractive picture so that the visitor is forced to click on what is on your website.
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